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Eyes and Brows


Preparation instructions

  • Please arrive to your appointment 10 minutes prior to service to fill out some paper work 

  • No eye makeup, remove only with oil free makeup remover (* very important to come to your appointment with freshly cleansed lashes. the extensions will not stick if any debris or buildup present.) 

  • Contact lenses must be taken out for service. please bring case and saline solution

  • Preferably no caffeine before service as this can make your eyes to move and twitch 

  • please keep talking to a minimum as this can cause eyes to move which makes it difficult to get a good lash connection 

  • Due to lack of space in the lash room please no extra guest or children

  • The service will take about 1-3 hours depending on which set you choose.

  • You will have your eyes closed during the entire service please be prepared to relax, nap and enjoy your service! 

Prep instructions: Welcome
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